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Artificial Intelligence
Business and Research

Artificial intelligence is reality.
Today's hardware technologies empower low cost, low energy applications over the edge.
Deep Learning tools are mature,  powerful and affordable companions for
Industry, Marketing, Government and Research.
Whatever you do, Artificial Intelligence will soon make the difference. 
Are you ready?


HiTrace: Research Imaging Revolution 

Almost any microscope is equipped with a high resolution camera and digital imaging software is available and affortable. 
Despite of 21st century technology, Identification, counting and measuring of relevant particles in images is still a "hands-on" process. 
HiTrace is going to change all of this forever. Artificial Intelligence will do the hard job instead of researchers, while knowledge, methodologies and results will become easy to protect and share into worldwide cooperation groups via HiTrace Cloud. 
We are working this out to be online in 2Q 2019. Stay tuned!


HiSales: Smart Sales Automation 

HiSales is a totally new paradigm in sales forces automation. 
HiSales' Artificial Intelligence based tools allow sales people to deliver perfect presentations, offers and documents literally in minutes. 
HiSales fully automated document delivery and management system keeps CRM data up to date in real time with no effort needed from sales agent. 
Document sharing and learning tools keep sales forces constantly up to date. 
Everything is always under control and sales force people just need to do what they can do better. Your success. 


HiKeep: Predictive Maintenance 4.0

Vibrations, energy consumption, thermic behavior and other specific indicators can predict possible failures in your industry machineries and equipment. Combining microcomputers and controllers with micro sensors and neural network hardware, HiKeep can predict your machines needs and prevent production stops due to machinery failures. Edge computing neural network technologies, directly applied to sensors and processors in the field, transform an enormous amount of data in simple and effective information, all available via a responsive and easy to use web interface.

Hiperforming Research - Consulting Services


Artificial Intelligence is changing and defining competitive scenarios.
Availability of affordable hardware and software solutions is an incredible opportunity for any size of business.
We are looking forward to help your company in this competition.

Hiperforming Research - Learning Services


Artificial Intelligence technologies may be involved in any process. From Maintenance to Automation Marketing, From Quality Control to Human Resources.
Management of any company should be aware of these opportunities.
That's why we have developed a specific course called "AI for Management". 


Need a specific software, IOT, IIOT or automation solution?
Hiperforming Research team is ready to design with you the perfect solution for your needs.

Hiperforming Research is warming up!
We'll soon be back with a full site and service.
Meanwhile, feel free to contact us for any question or need!


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